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Meet Kristen

My name is Kristen Jordan and I am a candidate in the upcoming election to represent Ward 6 at City Council.  Missoula is my home. I am a home owner, mother of teenagers, and a UM graduate.  I love Missoula because of its natural beauty, focus on community and people, and the kindness of its citizens.  I want to represent you as a Ward 6 City Council member to ensure Missoula continues to be a place we all love, our Ward is well represented, and your values get heard.

Ward 6 is a diverse community that is looking at rapid change. I know we all have questions, hopes, and concerns about how our neighborhood might change for the better and you need a strong voice to accomplish this. I want to be that voice for you.  With my experience and passion for service I will bring your concerns to the Council, implement cost effective and smart approaches, find common ground that I know exists amongst us all, so we can receive even better service for our tax dollars at every turn.

I am invested in our community.  I played a key role in getting a Mobile Crisis Team up and running in Missoula.  Now we can save money while we ensure that our neighbors get the proper care from trained professionals when they’re in a mental health crisis.  This will reduce hospital visits, jail bookings, and time law enforcement usually spends on these calls, which saves us all money in the end.

I also created the first policy advisory board related to criminal justice reforms here in Missoula which is called the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.  I have raised nearly $1.5 million locally to address key concerns raised by Missoulians.  

If elected, I will bring a focus on data-driven decision making (ensuring we aren't guessing on issues and policies), unity (because if you sit with anyone long enough, you will find common ground), and ongoing engagement (I am accessible and will take time to listen).

I am excited to be walking door-to-door and meeting you so I can learn more about what keeps you up at night and what you’d like to see more of.  If elected, I will be accessible to you when you have a concern.  I will take your feedback and input seriously.  I will be the voice that Ward 6 deserves to have. 

I hope I can earn your vote.

Committee to Elect Kristen Jordan
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