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Thank you for checking out this page.  I'll be updating this page as I knock on doors and gather constituent input. Please feel free to call me and/or email me to let me know your thoughts as well.

Affordable Housing:

  • Addressing increasing property taxes, particularly for those on fixed incomes or who qualified as low and moderate income buyers.
  • Ensuring ongoing support of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund
  • Rogue HOAs: Too much power, too little oversight.  While this isn't city jurisdiction, it would be helpful if the city had support in place for those experiencing HOA abuse. 
  • Use TIF Funds to create affordable housing. 

Short Term Rentals:

  • Ensuring sensible distribution of short term rentals to allow for fair rental prices for those who live here year round. 

Climate Collapse:

  • Providing a parking permit, free of charge, for those residents who choose to ride their bikes rather than drive, so that riders do not get ticketed for parking their car on the street longer than five days.  
  • A focus on Smart Watering: messaging around best times to water and drought-tolerant planting.
  • Working with local businesses to get a voluntary elimination of single use plastic bags.
    • In the latest legislative session, our state law makers prohibited, via legislation, local jurisdictions from creating any policies to abolish singe use plastic bags.  

Urban Trees:

  •  Ensure there are trees on all boulevards, planted and maintained by the city.  Trees offer so many benefits.

Mountain Line:

  • Ensuring there are enough drivers to provide this service.
  • Continued support of free Mountain Line service

Missoula Water:

  • Generate and distribute, via multiple platforms, information on the benefits of Missoula owning its own water company.

Relationship Violence Services:

  • Prioritizing victim services by ensuring hard funding for staff at RVS.
  • Study to find why Native American Women do not use RVS? 


  • Revamp TIF and MRA priorities so that funding benefits more citizens than specific business.
    •  Because of the most recent legislative session in Montana, local governments are unable to implement a diverse tax code.  We cannot have a local options sales tax.  For example we cannot implement a "Tourist Tax", that would target motels, hotels, and rental cars because the State Legislators banned it.  
    • Property tax is one of the only ways we can generate revenue for all of the services that the City provides.  
  • Use TIF to focus on affordable housing, permanent open space access near Missoula, and get more infrastructure in Ward 6 (think SIDEWALKS!). 

Federal Building Acquisition:

  • Generate and distribute, via multiple platforms, the benefit of acquiring the federal building for city and county government.  

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