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             Thank you for visiting my website. 

I love Missoula and want to be on City Council to ensure that the Missoula we all love retains its character while also ensuring residents of Ward 6 have a dedicated representative addressing their issues at the city level.  

While I door knock in Ward 6 and get to know you all, I am writing down your ideas for what you like and what you have concerns about.  I want government to be accessible to you and I am very happy to be that liaison between Ward 6 needs and decision making at the city level.

This website is intended to provide you with more information about me, how to contact me, how to voluteer, and even how to register to vote, if you are not sure where or if you are registered. Click above on “News”, then “Voter Information”.  This will take you to a legitimate site that will help you register.

Let me know if you would like a yard sign!

I also would greatly appreciate a monetary donation.  Please use the “Contribute” button to make a safe donation using a card.  You may also mail a check made out to "Kristen Jordan for Missoula" to 2140 S 7th Street W, Missoula, MT 59801.  Please note that you may donate up to $180 USD per individual.  

Please let me know your questions, comments, and/or suggestions at any time by emailing me at: or by calling 406-298-5065.

Thank you very much for your interest and support.  I look forward to earning your vote!

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